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[texts]2. Business Mgmt IJBMR WHY MEN EARN MORE THAN Archana T
This quantitative study conducted among the IT employees of Kerala is aimed to find out the perception of factors causing gender pay gap. We also studied the difference in the perception of male employees and female employees on the existence as well as the factors influencing the gender pay gap.Through questionnaire survey the data was collected and analyzed. We found out that a majority of respondents perceived gender pay gap in their organizations...
Keywords: Gender Discrimination; Gender Pay Gap; Perception; Projecting
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[texts]BSTJ 49: 9. November 1970: Projecting Filters for Recursive Prediction of Discrete-Time Processes. (Gersho, Allen; Goodman, David J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 49: 9. November 1970 pp 2377-2403. Projecting Filters for Recursive Prediction of Discrete-Time Processes. (Gersho, Allen; Goodman, David J.)
Keywords: filter; projecting; coefficients; predictor; filters; recursive; optimal; equation; prediction; process; filter coefficients; spectral density; projecting filters; recursive filter; projecting filter; linear combination; error process; bell system; system technical; prediction error
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The OCR that Google Patents originates has been edited to make this patent full-text-searchable and easy to read. There are 3 formats available: .pdf (original), .txt (clean text), and .brf (braille file). .brf is a file format used by the blind. See the "all files HTTP" link to access all three. During the editing process, a diligent attempt has been made to correctly discern every reference character set forth in the patent, and the majority by far are correct...
Keywords: apparatus for photographing objects in motion and for projecting pictures; photography; pictures; patent
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[texts]Aish Kodesh 05/13/10 Parsha Bamidbar, Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman - Henoch Dov Hoffman, Tsivya
May 12, 2010, Aish Kodesh class, Bamidbar, Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman There is a big backwash to all persecution, starting with 210 years of slavery. King David suffered from these kinds of effects. Psalm 69. Chesed is the south, warm Gevurah is the North, hidden Teferet is the East, balanced Netzach is up, shmayim Hod is down, earth Yesod is west, confusion Malchut: whole body, inside the box WHAT WAS THE DISCIPLINE IN THE LIFE OF KING DAVID? (Gevurah of Malchut) 1...
Keywords: Sepherot in the body and compus; King David; Ishai; Netzevet; Blasphemer; Moab; longing; projecting; scape goat; Cain; Ruth
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[movies]How to Turn Self-Confidence into Confident Leadership
In Chapter 18 of 20 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, social entrepreneur Courtney Spence answers "What Role Does Confidence Play in the Work That You Do?" To Spence projecting confidence is everything. By being confident in her work, her mission, her self, she is able to fully embrace her knowledge and skills and maximize what she can do with them pitching ideas, selling donors, and inspiring staff...
Keywords: leadership; confidence building; projecting confidence; be confident; get people to believe in you; sell yourself; bring on a donor; sign a partnership; courtney spence; students of the world; erik michielsen; capture your flag; mental fitness; transparency; expressive
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[audio]TFR824 - Blasphemation / Molting - an alchemists guide... & The Rejected Limbs Sessions #1 - Blasphemation, Molting
Blasphemation - an alchemists guide to projecting extrasensory apparitions through abberational audio stimulation Chapter 1: Invocation 01 - I: Wallow in Feces (Remix) 02 - II: Constant Sin (Remix) 03 - III: Psilocybus Methyl Ethyl Keytone Zombinal Tetrahydra Corticaine 04 - IV: Immaculate Deception (Remix/Reject) 05 - V: You'll Never See the Grave (Remix) 06 - VI: Anti-Everything Chapter 2: Innoculation 07 - I: Road Apple Turnovers (Live) 08 - II: Cryptic (Live) 09 - III: Blasphemation (Live) 1...
Keywords: Blasphemation; an; alchemists; guide; to; projecting; extrasensory; apparitions; through; abberational; audio; stimulation; Molting; The; Rejected; Limbs; Sessions; #1; Industrial; Death; Metal; Harsh; Noise; Experimental; Power; Electronics; Torn; Flesh; Records; Florida; Live; Remix; Reject
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[texts]Scientific American Volume 19 Number 02 (July 1868)

Keywords: tbe; combination; purpose; arranged; constructed; set; patent; claim; tor; manner; antedated june; tbe combination; purpose set; scientific american; purposes set; main frame; cutting apparatus; tbe purposes; tbe purpose; laterally projecting
Downloads: 72
[movies]Tribal Medicines of Chhattisgarh and Odisha for Modern Diseases: Films by Pankaj Oudhia (Part-186 to Part-190) - Pankaj Oudhia
Indian states Chhattisgarh and Odisha are rich in Biodiversity. Pankaj Oudhia is documenting Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about herbs and insects since year 1990. This series is an effort to present Herbal Wealth of these states through movies. There are over 15000 movies in this series.   Related Links Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines by Pankaj Oudhia Compilation of Pankaj Oudhia’s Research and Documentation work on ...
Keywords: Ethnobotany; Traditional Biological Knowledge; Tribal Medicines; Folk Remedies; Medicinal Plants of India; Raw Drugs; Biodiversity; Healing Flora; Adivasi Medicines; Traditional Knowledge Documentation; Eruptions on the scalp and face and behind the ears with offensive smelling; Lesions with yellowish crusts which later become black with bleeding from underneath; Eruptions on the back of the hand which itch intolerably at night and bleed when scratched; Dry eruptions on the scalp of children; Moist crusts upon the scalp; Falling off of the hair; Children are dwarfish with intellectual defect; Chronic form of Urticaria; Nettle rash on whole body with itching Worse uncovering; Eruptions and itching worse by scratching until burning comes and then bleeding which relieves; Wonder Drugs; Skin of hands rough and cracked; Tip of fingers rough and cracked every winter; Small vesicles on male or female genitalia; Inflammation of brain from suppression of eruptions; Short breath; Dropsy; Gastralgia; Hydrocephalus; Epilepsy due to suppression of eruptions; Throbbing toothache; Paramparik Gyan; Diarrhea and asthma all due to suppression of eruptions; Convulsions due to suppression of eruptions; Headache; vertigo; debility and loss of appetite; Very early stages of tingling and burning when skin is red shining hot and swollen; Skin red smooth and tense; Erysipelas of the face and head especially right side; Sharp cutting pains or throbbing in affected parts; Fever and sometimes delirium; Medicinal Orchids; Erysipelas of the throat with much swelling of any part of the body or after operation with puffiness and edematous swelling greatly in excess of the pain which is of a burning and stinging nature; Scanty painful urination; Frequently albuminous; Sudden attacks of erysipelas with prostration restlessness and burning pain; Intense thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals; The disease shifts from one to another; Edema vomiting and diarrhea; Erysipelas of face with a feeling as if a cob-web were on it; Vesicular type especially of face; Intense inflammation of the skin and tendency to form large blister; Wild Healing Mushrooms; Vesicles run together and form blebs; Violent fever; Erysipelas after vaccination or bites of insects; Vesicular eruptions with typhoid symptoms; Skin dark instead of red and rough instead of smooth and moist instead of red; Intense burning and itching; Pain in back and legs; The border of hairy parts are mostly affected; Restlessness with diarrhea; Severe pain in muscles tendons and joints; Medicinal Insects and Mites; The dark blue and purplish color of the skin; Great depression of the vital forces; Mental prostration; Face puffed and red; Erysipelas with tendency to boils which are very painful; Thick hard honey colored skin; Itching when warm in bed worse during night; Thickening of the skin in eczema with hard horny scales; Barber’s itch when there is burning or itching; Herpes with burning bruised and stitching pains; Traditional Knowledge about insects; Herpes with burning and shooting pain worse at night; The crusts are large and deep which bleed when removed; Herpes of prepuce; Barber’s itch; Nettle rash over whole body with itching; Herpes that follow the course of intercostals or supra-orbital nerves; The pain is sharp lightning like sometimes boring in character in case of Herpes; Barber’s itch and trouble due to shaving; Herpes everywhere with excessive neuralgic pain; Eczematous or pustule; Entomophagy; Black type of herpes zoster with eruptions typically eczematous or pustule; Suppurative herpes due to cold and by living in damp houses; Large blisters with smarting and burning pain; Herpes zoster; Dropsy; Itching on tips of fingers as if frozen; Herpetic eruptions especially on bends of joints and scalps with itching; Foulness with lack of vital reaction; Eruptions dry scaly with little pointed vesicles round the reddened edges worst in cold/warmth of bed; When there is an offensive discharge from the nose; Entomotherapy; Pricking sensation dirty-looking dropping off of fingers and toes; Enlarged glands; Leprosy with numbness and tingling in hands and feet; Discharge of sticky fluids form the cracks; Flexors bent inwards in leprosy; Leprosy with syphilitic eruptions; Scleroderma intense redness and scaling of legs; White skin in scrofula; White skin accompanied with ovarian dropsy; Infantile derangement; Forest People; Patches have surrounding redness in Vitiligo; When the skin is milky; White skin with red patches; Spot of white skin with white lock of hair becomes natural color; Liver sports of light white color in patches on the body; Liver spots during climacteric period or in menorrhagia; Liver spots On chest and arms; Liver spots of very dark color; Liver spots of yellow-brown color; Excessive colorless viscid perspiration worse at night; Chhattisgarh Biodiversity; Skin greasy oily specially on hairy parts; Skin of face greasy and shiny; Peeling of the skin with falling of nails and hair; Peeling of skin in large scales; Peels off and shows loosened scales; A fatty transpiration; Scaly exfoliation; Peeling of skin with edematous swelling; Skin of hands peels off; Syphilitic psoriasis; Odisha Biodiversity; Skin cold; Skin blue and spotted; Large indolent and painful pustules; Syphilitic psoriasis on back arms and spreading from elbows; Scaly itches; Scaling off leaves behind red skin and Withered in bends of arms and knees; Psoriasis in chilly and anemic subjects; Dry impoverished skin; Cold hands and feet; Psoriasis of penis; Medicinal Millets; Itching eruptions on face oozing; Patchy erythema on forehead; Burning sensation and itching all over; Psoriasis of palms and soles; Red flat ulcers; Coral colored spots changing to dark red and then copper colored; Psoriasis –syphilitic of the palms; Itching of the palms; Hands withered; Tearing pain in hands; Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations; Extensive thickening and exfoliation of the skin; Psoriasis of the palms; Itching worse from heat; Psoriasis of the hands fissures Worse in cold weather; Psoriasis worse by cold application and wetness; Psoriasis better by wetness; Psoriasis better by warmth; Psoriasis better in cold and wet weather or by cold application worse by warmth; Psoriasis appearing or worse at the time of menses; Painful cracks; Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India; When the ringworm is accompanied with acidity; When the ringworm is accompanied with indigestion; When the ringworm is accompanied with retching; When the ringworm is accompanied with loss of appetite and restlessness; Ringworm with itching and burning and better by cold application; Ringworm especially of the face and body; The odor of the body and sweat is offensive and garlic like; Skin rough cracks bleeds and scaly; Dreads to be washed looks dingy dirty foul as if covered with dirt; Skin complaints worse from bathing and from warmth of bed; Medicinal Plant Database; Dryness of skin without cracks; Progressive emaciation especially of lower extremities; Wrinkles on the face due to syphilis; Wrinkles on the face due to syphilis; Severe yawning threatening to dislocate jaw; Yawning with restlessness and pain in back; Famine Food plants; Emergency herbs; Medicinal weeds; Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM); Flora of Bastar; Flora of Kanker; Flora of Raipur and Durg; Flora of Dhamtari; Flora of Bilaspur; Flora of Raigarh; Flora of Jashpur; Flora of Surguja; Flora of Rajnandgaon; Flora of Ambikapur; Flora of Korba; Flora of Keshkal; Flora of Sukma; Flora of Dantewada; Flora of Gandhamardan Hills; Flora of Orissa; Flora of Niyamgiri; Flora of Chhattisgarh; Flora of Odisha; Flora of Narsinghnath; Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh; Folk Healers of Odisha; Traditional Vaidyas of India; Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants; Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas; Healthcare system practiced by traditional Vaidyas; Traditional Health Care Knowledge of Vaidyas; Traditional Medicinal Practices of India; Urticaria brought on by eating meat; Eruptions and itching on the palms of hands; Eruptions appear again in the same place after they look healed up; Suppression of eruptions which cause paralysis; Suppression of eruptions which cause headaches and nervous pains; Eruptions and itching; Itching of skin even without eruptions and he scratches till it bleeds; Crusts are produced by scratching; There is no eruption in the beginning and scratching; There is no eruption in the beginning and as he scratches skin comes off and then crusts are formed; Itching worse at the time of healing; Itching in warmth of bed; Rashes appear suddenly on the surface of the body; Long pinkish white blotches raised above the skin with intolerable itching; Burning and stinging; Eruptions come on as a result of cold or during intermittent fever; Itching of the skin all over the body with or without eruptions worse at night in the warm bed; Herpes and eczema oozing a glutinous moisture; Eruptions over the body producing vesicles crusts etc with soreness and itching; Eruptions on the scalp with itching which in not relieved by scratching; When hives occur with nervous disease; Itching; Pimples on projecting portions of bones molar bones etc; Throbbing in finger tips; Irritation of outer surface of the body; Nervous feeling; Biting and tingling from place to place on scratching; Parts become cold after scratching; Head covered with a thick leather like crust under which thick white pus collects here and there and the hairs are glued together; Intensely red rash on skin resembling scarlet ever with more shining appearance; Redness of skin; Blister like eruptions on the palms of hands and of bluish or black color; Itching of the scalp; Dermatitis with intense burning and itching which is increased on scratching; Herpetic eruptions at tip of nose; Copper colored spots; Hives attended with diarrhea; The stools being followed by tenesmus and bearing down; Hives worse in open air; Epithelioma (cancer or tumors) of lips; Epithelioma of wings of nose and eye lids; Intense redness of the skin with intense itching Worse in open air especially when undressing
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